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Welcome! Iam Gilla Weiss, an Herbalist, a Doula and certified massage therapist currently serving my local community in South Florida and women world wide. I have gathered practical knowledge in medicinal herbs and crafting herbal products, gained from years of hands on experience and learning. I continue taking courses to expand upon my herbal knowledge and hone my herbal crafting skills. As the mother of 8 naturally birthed babies, I use my experience of birthing, nursing, and parenting, along with my herbal expertise to help other women on their birthing and child rearing journeys. My passion for empowering women as they transition into motherhood has led me to create a line of herbal products specifically designed for expectant mothers, new mothers and their little bundles of joy. I also offers original workshops geared towards creating herbal products that benefit everyone in the family at all ages and stages. I have led and continues to lead many women to tap into their natural and ancient feminine wisdom, and to gently encourage them to trust this innate intuition to help in healing themselves and their families.
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