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Ancient Roots Mothering: Roots, Nettles and Sage

Ancient Roots Mothering (ARM): Roots, Nettles and Sage is proud to offer our first ever herbal first aid course: Herbal First Aid 1! (see video below:)

The recorded course, complete with all materials, is available for purchase and is a prerequsite for all future courses. Email us at for details.

Fee: $150 usd or ₪515 nis.

ARM: Roots, Nettles and Sage offers a free monthly seminar podcast in collaboration with the Root and Branch Association, LTD.

Hosted by J. Rivkah Asoulin, Chava Dagan and Gilla Weiss, ARM: Roots, Nettles and Sage seeks to bridge the gap between the oral traditions of our ancient ancestors and our intuition and understanding of today.

We explore a wide range of topics about parenting ourselves and our children from a self-sufficient, off-the-grid, natural, intuition and evidence “Bina Based,” paradigm. Please register to join us here.


Chava Dagan runs Nettles and Pins; a farm, website and folk school teaching skills she learned and expanded on, while serving in the Peace Corps in Sri Lanka. She holds a degree in psychology and is certified in natural health, colonic hydrotherapy and herbalism.

She, together with her husband, have six boys and live in the SW Negev desert. She is the author of Mother’s Pearls: The Revival of Parenting, available in both English and Hebrew. Chava continues to write blogs about these and other various topics on her websiteTelegram, and Signal


Gilla Weiss is a birth doula and herbalist, with a background in massage therapy, who serves both her local community and women worldwide. As the mother of 8 kids, including one with special needs, Gilla combines her experience of birthing, nursing, homeschooling and conscious parenting with her skills in the healing arts to empower women as they transition into motherhood .

Gilla creates herbal products and offers hands-on herbal workshops. Here, she leads women to tap into their ancestral feminine wisdom and gently encourages them to trust their innate intuition, to help in healing themselves and their families. Gilla can be reached at


J. Rivkah Asoulin is widely known as Wise Woman Fertility, where she serves as an herbalist, fertility consultant, women’s health educator and lecturer, certified kallah teacher (and balanit) and is the creator of JFAM; the only Jewish sympto-thermo method of fertility awareness. J. Rivkah is also the founder and executive director of Ancient Roots Israel, the first international herbal conference and community in Israel. 

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