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Herbal & Travel First Aid Kit

When traveling, whether a cross country road trip, a visit with family, globe trotting, backpacking or just a nature walk or trip to the beach, compact is key and less is


Luckily herbs are super multitasking and one formula can used for minor cuts scrapes, bites, stings and even breakouts.

I take the minimum for what might be needed first for any minor mishaps and also take into consideration where we are going and what might be readily available like plantain or Bidens on a nature trail or at a healthfood store, or farmers market on a road trip.

The basics in my mini kit include a few assorted different sizes of bandaids plus square gauze pads and steri strips. A small roll of self adhesive tape or vet wrap, a good tweezer.

I make a lot of my own herbal tinctures and salves and my wound spray is a must wherever I go, so gentle and easy to use for all minor cuts, scrapes and bites. It contains herbal tinctures like Yarrow, Usnea, Bidens, Echinacea or Calendula or plantain in a saline solution base with Lavender essential oil These herbs are all known for their topical healing and soothing properties including anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and more. Yarrow and Bidens are known to have styptic properties and are therefore helpful with bleeding wounds. Yunnan Baiyao is known for helping to stem blood from wounds and is also antiseptic. easy to carry a few capsules that can be opened and used if needed and can also be used internally. You may be wondering about the plant Bidens that I mentioned, which grows wild all over sunny South Florida. Since this herb is local to me, I use it often in place of other herbs that are not local. Some common names for this plant are, Spannish needles, Bur marigold and Beggars ticks. For more information on Bidens, see the video I did for Ancient Roots Israel at the bottom of the post.

Honey salve and herbal pain ease are two of my most used salves. Comfrey, Solomon seal and Balm of gilead cover most of the musculoskeletal bumps, bruises, pulls, twists and aches and pains. Honey salve with Calendula, Comfrey, Lavender and real Honey is soothing and healing with mild sunburn, chapped, rough or scraped skin. It's not generally recommended to use a salve on an open wound, but we can always use local raw or manuka honey! Mini snack size packets can easily fit in with the bandaids and honey can be soothing for a dry and scratchy throat too!

Charcoal capsules can be opened and mixed with a few drops of water to make a quick paste for fire ant bites or stings and activated charcoal can help with sudden, unwanted travel stomach issues......

I always make sure to put sodium ascorbate powder or capsules, in the first aid kit. sodium ascorbate can be used both internally and externally and can be helpful with injuries, wounds, infections, venomous bites and stings.

Homeopathic remedies are small and can easily fit a few in this kit. Some of the homeopathics that I include in my first aid kit are Arnica, Ledum, Apis and Aconite. If I have room I would include more, like Arsenicum, Nux vomica, Hypericum, belladona and some others, but that's pretty much the bare bones.

A few pinches of celtic or other real/sea salt in a small bag or pouch, can be added to a water bottle for hydration or mix with that honey for a quick natural electrolyte when needed. Another option is an electrolyte tablet that dissolves in water. These can be so helpful, on a hot day, outdoors, or if someone trips and falls and just feel a little shaken even from a minor mishap or cut/scrape or is in pain.

Last and not least, Rescue remedy is also small and usually fits in!

There are other add ons that can be taken in a back pack depending on where we are going. The list is endless, there are so many good herbal and natural options, but I try to keep it simple and compact!

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